Shower waterproofing can sound somewhat idiot proof and obvious, it’s a shower, and of course it’s waterproof, right? This misconception of believing that the tiles and grout in your shower are waterproof is a common error, don’t be fooled.

Tiles as well as grout actually retain a small percentage of water, how much is retained is dependent on the density of the tile itself, though using the correct method and application of tiles and sealing in your shower, this shouldn’t be a problem. The durability and resistance of your tile and grout is only as good as what is beneath it. If showers aren’t waterproofed accordingly, water will eventually soak through under the tile and cause extensive damage to the drywall of your bathroom, costing a lot of extra money to tend to the problem.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane based company Totally Sealed are experts when it comes to showers and balconies. Showers and balconies are particularly prone to damage especially when incorrectly waterproofed. If the work is done incorrectly by proclaimed experts that take no pride and care within their work, can lead to damage and reoccurring problems in your shower, therefore the company will be left having to rectify the damages. This is why Totally Sealed has a 12 year warranty, as they believe their specialists will take the upmost care when sealing your shower and have complete faith in their employee’s ability to correctly do the job using the special waterproof sealing product that also leaves surfaces water resistant! Waterproofing is such an important aspect of a shower, for obvious reasons and this job shouldn’t be trusted to be completed by just anyone.

Whether its building a new home, renovating your old shower or repairing leaks and cracks, don’t take the easy way out, don’t trust companies that don’t care about their cliental, come to Totally Sealed where the customers satisfaction is always a priority.

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