Did you know that the grout between your floor or shower tiles isn’t actually supposed to be black? Are you sick of scrubbing away at your tiles only to be left with the same frustrating result?

For many of us the dirt and grime growing on our grout that refuses to budge has become the norm, but it’s time to rethink the way we look out our tiles.


The thought of tidying up those unruly looking tiles may give you a headache, but you can stress less knowing the experts at Totally Sealed Brisbane are there to help with your grouting needs. Rather than completely retiling your bathroom or floors to obtain a more cleanly looking environment, Totally Sealed can re-grout your tiles, with no damage or changes to your original floor covering!

Not only does this mean that you’ll save time and money by not having to renovate, but you could even make a profit when choosing to re-grout. This is because Totally Sealed Brisbane can instantly improve the appearance of your property with their innovative grouting product, increasing the market value of your home if you choose to sell.

If you’re still not convinced that re-grouting is the option for you, just think of your family’s health.

Your bathroom can collect mould, mildew and nasty bacteria that can be seriously harmful when not properly cleaned, with a lot of these germs hiding in the grout between your shower and floor tiles. By choosing to re-grout your tiles you can eliminate the unwanted bacteria and make it easier to clean your grout in the future. This means that not only is the service good for your wallet, but it will actually improve the sanitation of your home.

The experienced Brisbane team at Totally Sealed have specialized knowledge in removing old grout and replacing it with their signature mould-resistant product. Their experience, along with the extensive list of benefits to re-grouting, will have you wondering why you didn’t call Totally Sealed sooner! Enquire today for Brisbane tile re-grouting on 0401 553 014.