So you’ve noticed a leak creeping into your shower and just had dollar signs instantly flash before your eyes. You’re sitting there thinking, “What do I do now?” There is never a good time to deal with a leaking shower and unfortunately this is one of the most common building faults and complaints that are found in Australia. Although this doesn’t need to be the case for you, as long as you get the correct sealing solution that Totally Sealed is offering.

Don’t leave a leaking shower for too long or it will cost you $$$$

Leaving a leaking shower for long periods can cause more damage, leading to those extra costs. Don’t act as if you never saw the problem until the water has leaked into your walls, causing mould, rotting and termites! More money! Do not let the problem get worse and create more issues than before.There is no need to waste your precious money, time and patience on continuous frustrating attempts at fixing your own bathroom, using the first sealing product you came across in the supermarket that just won’t hold the same way Totally Sealed’s special product does. Having the professionals on your side eliminates the unwanted stress of peeling jobs and finding yourself in an endless loop that only leads to the same place you began in. When coming to the experts for help, there isn’t any extra cost of needing to remove tiles or completely retile your shower, therefore you have an even smaller bill than first predicted!

The Brisbane and Gold Coast based company is able to send out specialised tradesmen that will recreate a water and grease resistant surface that you will discover is also much easier to clean, how convenient! The job will be finished within hours and your shower ready to use the very next day. So stop watching those pointless YouTube tutorials or reading that step-by- step guide on how to seal a leaking shower and call the professionals. They will do the job with no trouble and at a minimal cost! There is no need to stress over a huge bill that’ll leave you glaring at the shower tiles every time you enter the bathroom for the next 6 months and there is certainly no extra added inconvenience or long waits that’ll force you into phoning a friend in desperate need of using their non-leaky shower. Don’t put it off, call the experts, call Totally Sealed on 0401 553 014.

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