Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane


We can fix your leaking Shower without removing tiles.

Stop Your Leaking Shower Without Removing Tiles!

Is a leaking shower making your bathroom look terrible? Leaking showers not only look terrible, they do physical damage to your home… Many areas around showers such as door frames, skirtings and carpets and wall framing will start to smell, rot and attract termites.

Many handy people try using silicones and other plugging products, which may start off well to begin with, though it doesn’t take long for the shower leak to start all over again, leaving you with the same problems. You need a reliable solution for your waterproofing needs that lasts, to fix your leaking shower issue for good.

Totally Sealed use top quality products which have been tried and tested over the last 20 years to stop your leaking shower without the need to remove tiles, whilst ensuring the colours and style of your bathroom are retained. Our system will save you time and money by ensuring you have a long lasting solution to your leaking shower problem and that it is fixed correctly the first time.

The following photos are the process for repair on a leaking shower base when there are cracked tiles or insufficient fall. This process can be used to seal a shower base without the need to remove the tiles.

The first photo shows the shower base has been lightly grinded and a puddle flange has been fitted directly into the waste pipe and sealed with silicon.

The second photo shows where the bottom row of tiles has also been removed and the area has been sealed with 2 coats of Davco waterproofer. You will also see the waterproofer goes right over the top of the puddle flange.

The third photo shows the base and first row have been tiled and appropriate fall has been implemented in the base to ensure all water goes directly down the drain.

The last photo is the finished product. The grout we use is a 2 part epoxy resin which sets like steel and will not become porous like normal cement based grout which means water cannot penetrate the grout and it is also much easier to keep clean. We then replace all silicon inside and out of the shower recess to ensure the shower is totally sealed. As with all our work this job comes with a 12 year warranty. Your seal of approval.

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I work in real estate and deal with many trades.. Working with Totally Sealed has been an absolute breeze. Very easy to deal with and they update you on all the work happening. On top of the good service, the work completed was top notch. Very impressed all round and will be only using Totally Sealed from here on. Thank you Glen & team.

Prompt service and good quality work at a reasonable price.

What else matters.

~Wayne Petschack

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