If you’re constantly left wondering why your bathroom floor is one big puddle whenever you take a shower, you may have a leak. Before you start stressing out about how the cost for repairs is going to fit into your budget, you need to call Totally Sealed.

The team of expert tradesman are able to fix your leaking shower without removing tiles, meaning that the cost for repairs are greatly reduced compared to other Gold Coast businesses in the industry. The Totally Sealed team also have decades of experience in the sealing industry, allowing them to deliver the best results when sealing your shower.

Shower sealing can be a tricky task, especially when you have to ascertain the areas in your shower that need to be resealed. Depending on the way your shower is leaking, you may have to seal the internal area of your shower screen, inside and around the waste area, or the entire floor area. Deciding exactly how to reseal your shower is once again tricky, but leaving it up to the experts at Totally Sealed makes your repair job easier than you could imagine.

Their experience in water-proofing allows them to quickly identify where the leak in your shower is coming from. The tradesman can then easily seal your shower where it is needed. This means that your repair is completed in no time, so you can get back to your usual day-to-day activities. However, Totally Sealed’s efficiency isn’t the only reason why they are the best choice for your shower sealing needs. The unique sealing product used by Totally Sealed guarantees that the repairs done to your leaking shower will last.

The special sealing product used by Totally Sealed will not peel off like other sealants, and is also anti-fungal and water and grease resistant. Ultimately, you are getting the best value out of your shower sealing when you choose Totally Sealed Gold Coast, as you are guaranteed an affordable price for long-lasting results!

Call Totally Sealed now on 0401 553 014 for your free, no-obligation quote!

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