So you’ve got a leaky shower. No doubt you are already stressing about the hole in your pocket the repair job is going to cost you, but with Totally Sealed, there’s no need to go into panic mode.

Totally Sealed is your local leaking shower repair men, who specialise in showers that have a leak in their base. Totally Sealed’s secret to success is only using the highest quality sealing equipment and products on the market. This ensures that once the team of professional tradies leave your home, you’ll never have the same leak in your shower again.

If you leave the leak in your shower without repair for an extensive amount of time, the damage to your entire shower will only escalate. Rather than only making a small repair to the base of your shower where the leak is coming from, you may have to completely reseal the internal area of the shower screen, around and inside the waste area, the floor area and all the grout in your shower may need to be replaced.

However, grout and waterproofing may not be the only parts of your home getting damaged by leaving your leaking shower for too long. Water damage will often spread quickly to other areas of your home, including internal walls and even your home’s structure. This damage will certainly leave a much bigger hole in your pocket than the small cost of a shower repair with Totally Sealed. As well as their affordable prices, Totally Sealed has even more benefits that will demonstrate why they are the best choice to perform your repair.

With Totally Sealed’s leaking shower repair, not only do you have the benefit of a properly working shower. Totally Sealed’s specially formulated sealing product is anti-fungal, water and grease resistant, for a more sanitary bathroom.

Don’t wait any longer! Get the leaking base of your shower repaired by the experts by calling Totally Sealed on 0401 553 014.

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