Totally Sealed Shower Leaking Repair
If you are experiencing a leak from the base of your shower, it may not be as simple of a fix as you think. All the DIY articles and video tutorials online will encourage you to fix the leak using a silicone-based sealant, but this solution is only temporary. Eventually, this sealant will go through every day wear-and-tear from the constant use of your shower, causing the base leak, that you thought you had fixed, to reappear.

Even if you can’t see the physical shower leak return, these cheap alternative sealants cannot completely fix the damage, causing extensive damage to your home. When a shower is not fully waterproofed, water can make its way to a home’s wooden framing or even seep into the ceiling of the room underneath. So, all because a cheaper, the less effective sealant was used in a DIY attempt, your home will be suffering from the consequences.

To avoid these nasty side effects of a leaking shower, you need to turn to Totally Sealed Gold Coast. Totally Sealed is a team of dedicated professionals who have all the necessary knowledge to repair your leaking shower without removing any of your bathroom tiles. The professional tradesmen combine their extensive knowledge in the area of leak repairs with their specially designed tools and sealing products. This means that you will first receive a thorough analysis of how the leak from the base of your shower will be fixed, and a no obligation quote to ensure that the cost of the job will fit your budget. Once you are happy with Totally Sealed’s proposal, the team of tradesman will repair your leaking shower using the appropriate tools and equipment in under a day. With all the benefits of choosing Totally Sealed, your leaking shower repair job will exceed your expectations.

What are you waiting for?! Rid yourself of mould, wood rot, and disgusting odours, call the expert team at Totally Sealed Gold Coast to repair your leaking shower.

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