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There’s nothing worse than having an unsightly looking shower when you have a surprise visit from the in-laws or other guests. Even worse than the embarrassment that this could inflict, is when your mould build-up is caused by a leaking shower. If this is the case, you are going to have a lot bigger problem than being up to your elbows in bleach, as a leaking shower can cause abundant damage to your home.

If a shower that is leaking from its base goes for a long period without repair, your home could end up with structural damage. This is because the water makes its way through the cracks in your shower’s waterproofing, rotting away the internal wooden structuring. As well as this long-term affect, you will also have to suffer the short-term, which includes mould building up around your shower grout, discolouration of your grout and tiles, and unpleasant odours emitting from your shower.

To avoid these circumstances, it’s best to have your leaking shower repaired immediately. When it comes to a leaking base, there are two ways you can go for a repair. The first is to attempt a DIY project. Acrylic base repair can be bought in a kit from hardware stores and the internet alike, and they usually use a silicone sealant. However, this silicone is almost always ineffective, as the material is not durable enough to withstand the constant use of a shower, offering only temporary relief. The second option for a leaking shower repair is to hire professional tradesman who are experienced in the field of waterproofing. Although this option is more expensive than a DIY attempt, you are guaranteed to achieve the desired result, and for the long-term.

The ideal tradesman to assist you with your leaking shower repair is the team at Totally Sealed. The professionals who are apart of this company can easily recognise when a poor shower installation has been performed, as this is the most common reason for the base of your shower to begin leaking. Once they have established the source of the problem, Totally Sealed will repair your shower with complete efficiency, including leaving all of your tiles in place. The Totally Sealed mission is for their customers to be able to reclaim their bathroom with minimal disruption to everyday life.

For superior results, call the experts today on 0401 553 014.

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