You have a problem, and as always, it could not have come at a worse time. The ancient tiling in your shower bed has finally worn out. In an attempt to fix it yourself, you decided to take your tools to it. Except you dropped a hammer by accident, and now the tiles are worn AND cracked and your shower is leaking, dusty and needs to be repaired.

It is the middle of the month, and you didn’t budget for retiling your bathroom or fixing a leaking shower, and with five members of the family banking on using the shower every single day, you can’t put off fixing it for very long. So, what are your options?

Option 1 – Irritate your spouse and decide to continue the job yourself. This will most likely end in a trip to the emergency room after a shard of tile gets embedded in your hand, leaving you with a shower that you can’t use, chunks of broken tile everywhere, and one angry spouse.

Option 2 – Finally take up your neighbours’ invitation to pop around more often. You can pitch up at their home, towel and loofah in hand to ask them if you could use their bathroom. This option will last a few days at most before they start screening your calls and pretending not to be home.

Option 3 – Bring in the best shower sealing and re-tiling experts from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and beyond.

The obvious choice here will not only get your leaking shower sealed in a matter of hours, but at an attractively affordable price thanks to the marvel of our Tile over Tile service.

Totally Sealed’s Tile over Tile service fixes your cracked tile problem by laying new tiles over them with epoxy grout and only replacing the silicon on the perimeter, vertical areas, and shower screen to ensure your shower is sealed and you won’t experience any more shower leakage.

A Tile over Tile solution like this allows you to save time and money as you don’t need to rip out all your existing tile work and start from scratch. Sure, some tilers would say that a complete retiling would be better, but that’s only because it makes them more money. A Tile over Tile service is better, as it will fix your cracked shower tiles without breaking the bank, alienating your neighbours or landing you in the hospital!

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