Imagine coming home from a long day at work to take a shower, only to find mould and grime built up around the base of your shower, along with a puddle of water. Initially, you may think that your shower just needs a clean, but if you are finding this build-up appear overnight, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

Leaking showers can be a pesky problem for your home, especially if they are left for a long period of time without repair. The short term affects of a leaking shower include this mould and grout build-up, as well as a damaged shower base and water leakage. If a shower is fixed at this stage, you can avoid extensive damage to your home. However, if the leak is left to worsen, the negative affects will increase.

These long-term affects include structural damage to your home, due to water leakage making its way into wooden beams and causing them to rot. If your leaking shower reaches this point, the time and cost of repair will increase. That’s why it’s best to fix your shower the moment you start to see the symptoms of a base leak.

For Gold Coast leaking shower repairs, you need the services of Totally Sealed. The team of tradesman are experts when it comes to leaking shower or balcony repairs, and can even do so without removing your tiles. This is all due to their specialised knowledge, tools and evaluation processes.

If you’re still hesitating about going with the professionals at Totally Sealed Gold Coast, you should know that DIY solutions are proven to be unreliable in the long term. This is because the sealant products typically sold in maintenance and hardware stores are made from silicone-based compounds. This type of product is prone to peeling, mould build-up, cracking and lifting from shower tiles.

When you use the services of Totally Sealed Gold Coast, you are guaranteed only the highest quality sealing products will be used in your repair. So, don’t go through a nightmare renovation all because of a leaking shower base, simply call the experts now 0401 553 014.