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There’s nothing better than coming home from a hard day at work and taking a long, hot shower. It’s pretty easy to imagine how quickly this experience could be ruined once you add stains to your shower grout, or water damage to your bathroom walls.

If you find this happening in your shower, you will most likely assume that it is simply dirty. However, you will quickly find that scrubbing your shower from top to bottom just doesn’t do the trick, as it will get back to its unsightly state in a matter of days. Now this isn’t because you opted for the cheaper cleaning sprays at the supermarket, it’s actually caused by a base leak in your shower.

A base leak means that the bottom of your shower has been cracked, damaged or worn-down, and is no longer holding water correctly. Due to the excess water that fails to go down the drain, a stubborn build-up of mould and grime starts to appear in your shower. But having a leaking shower is more than putting up with discoloration and odours, as it can be a serious health hazard for both you and your entire Gold Coast home.

With the fumes of mould mingling with steam every time you take a shower, you can imagine the toll this is taking on your health. As well as this, you will be inhaling the fumes emitting from your cleaning products, after scrubbing away at dirt and grime more often than you should be.

When it comes to damage of your home, you could end up completely out of pocket if you fail to organise a repair. This is because the longer a leaking base is left, the more water that makes its way into your home’s internal structure.

Rather than waste thousands on an unexpected renovation for new walls, simply call the leading leak repair experts at Totally Sealed Gold Coast. The Totally Sealed team understand that your shower is among the most used services in your home, and aims to complete your repair in minimal time so that your shower is back in action for you and your family. As well as this, the Totally Sealed tradesman and project managers work together to create a tailored solution to meet your budget and circumstance- so you don’t have the stress of unexpected bills to pay

Call Totally Sealed today to find out more on 0401 553 014.

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