With the aftermath of cyclone Debbie being revealed these last two weeks, you may come to find that your Gold Coast home has been affected, even if it wasn’t in the main area where Debbie hit.

One of the impacts of the tropical cyclone people have been commonly reporting is water damage to the home. More specifically, leaking balconies. With the excess of water around your property, your balcony can quickly begin to leak if it is already slightly damaged. This damage includes any gaps or cracks in the grout or tiles of your balcony. These small imperfections in the balcony’s waterproofing can mean a total disaster if water damage was to occur.

If you’re seeing the excess water from Debbie flowing off of your balcony, it may actually be a leak. To determine if it is, in fact, a leak keep an eye out for the common warning signs. These include cracking in surfaces or grout lines, lifting of tiles and water damage to paint or plaster.

If these issues don’t seem like a big deal now, they will in just a few weeks, as leaving a leaking balcony without repair can lead to serious damage to your home. This damage includes structural decay, water damage spreading to external walls and ceilings, electrical issues and even collapsing balcony. To avoid these nasty side effects, it’s important to get your leaking balcony repaired by the experts.

Totally Sealed are Gold Coast’s number one balcony repair specialists. They have achieved their outstanding reputation with their ability to repair leaking balconies without removing tiles. The Totally Sealed tradesman pride themselves on their efficiency and ability to get the job done to their customer’s complete satisfaction. They begin their repair process by identifying the problem area and planning a method of restoration. Once the leak has been fixed, Totally Sealed will run through the proper maintenance for your balcony to ensure your repair will be long-lasting.

With the Gold Coast’s rush of wet weather, it’s important that you protect your home from potential damage. Call Totally Sealed now for a tailored solution for your leaking balcony.

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