If the grout in your shower is constantly discoloured with mould and other bacteria, you may be thinking that scrubbing the area with as many mould killers as possible is the solution. However, if you are finding that this method only temporarily works to rid your shower of mould, there may be a bigger problem at hand.

A build-up of grout and mould in your shower is often the result of a shower that is leaking from its base. This means that not only do you need to be worried about ugly mould, but also wood rot and disgusting odours.

When a bathroom is first being built in your home, special care is taken by builders to fully waterproof the room. This is because the bathroom is the deepest room in the home and therefore, has the most potential to cause water damage to the rooms and structure surrounding it. Once a leak in the base of your shower emerges, your entire home is put at risk, and if not property treated, can cost you a lot of time and money.

Even if you’ve read up on why the grout around your shower has a build-up of mould and recognised that the problem is indeed a leaking shower, there’s still a lot more learning to do about the proper way to make a repair. While you’re sitting at your desk trying to figure this out, the leak in the base of your shower will only be getting worse. So, in reality, the money you are trying to save on a repair will actually end up costing you more with the damage your home has had to endure.

To avoid these nasty side effects, you need Totally Sealed. The team of professional tradesman at Totally Sealed are experts in all leaking shower repairs, with special knowledge in showers that leak from the base. At Totally Sealed only the highest quality tools and products are used when making repairs, so you know that your leak won’t be a recurring problem.

Don’t let a bit of extra cash from your pocket stop you from fixing your shower, Totally Sealed offers affordable repairs that will suit your budget. Call now for a free no-obligation quote.

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