Are you selling your home? Seemingly small, niggly things like a leaking shower can have a dramatic impact on the resale value when it comes time to sell.


Many potential home sellers in the Brisbane area are faced with the dilemma of what’s worth fixing up before they sell their home and what will go unnoticed by potential buyers. A leaking shower will definitey get noticed, if not before the purchase, then certainly afterwards and that could lead to an ugly, difficult conversation with your buyer somewhere down the road. So…does your shower leak? Get it fixed.

All showers should be waterproofed and properly sealed during construction. And if your shower has no door like some curbless showers, then your entire bathroom should be waterproofed to prevent moisture damage. Even if your shower was sealed during construction, years of daily use can produce cracks and leaks that could damage the resale value of your house. These leaks lead to mouldy grout and peeling silicon.

When it comes time, you will want to put the job of reparing your leaking shower in the hands of a professional contractor who has years of experience in these repairs. Totally Sealed is the Brisbane leaking shower repair contractor that you want. They can even totally refurbish your leaking bathroom or balcony at a fraction of the cost of replacing, usually within hours.

Sure you can attempt to tackle the problem yourself, paste a little sealant over where you think the problem stems from. But without the correct knowledge of what causes a leaking shower and how to properly seal it, you’ll no doubt just be temporarily moving the the problem to somewhere else.

You just need to get your shower sealed properly by a professional company that knows what they’re doing. The process can take less than 4 hours and your shower can be ready to use the next day and Totally Sealed are so good that they’re able to repair your shower without even removing the tiles.

Totally Sealed have been sealing leaking showers in Brisbane for decades and they are experts in leaking shower repairs and shower sealing in all kinds of bathrooms. To get your leaking shower repaired properly by professionals, and get the best price for your home when you sell it, contact Totally Sealed to waterproof your bathroom and keep your shower and bathroom leak and moisture free.

For leaking shower repairs on the Gold Coast or Brisbane call Totally Sealed.

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