Your local Gold Coast one stop shop for leaking shower / balcony repairs to full tiling requirements.

Your local Gold Coast one stop shop for leaking shower / balcony repairs to full tiling requirements.

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Shower Leaking From The Base

Are you constantly plugging up the same small leak in your shower, only to have it leak again in a few days or weeks? It’s time to give up the cheap, DIY attempt at fixing your shower and call someone who knows how to properly help. The problem with a DIY attempt is...

Shower Leaking Repair Gold Coast

If you are experiencing a leak from the base of your shower, it may not be as simple of a fix as you think. All the DIY articles and video tutorials online will encourage you to fix the leak using a silicone-based sealant, but this solution is only temporary....

Leaking Shower Gold Coast

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you have a leaking shower. But before you stress over the time and money that repairing your problem is going to take, you need to turn to the experts at Totally Sealed Gold Coast. The team of professional tradesman at...

Balcony Repairs Brisbane

If you are walking under your upstairs balcony and see water dripping down, even on a sunny day, you may be the unfortunate victim of a leaking balcony. Balcony leaks can be caused by from a number of reasons, including porous tiles and grout, cracked and loose tiles...

Shower Sealing Gold Coast

If you’re constantly left wondering why your bathroom floor is one big puddle whenever you take a shower, you may have a leak. Before you start stressing out about how the cost for repairs is going to fit into your budget, you need to call Totally Sealed. The team of...

Tile Re-grouting Brisbane

Did you know that the grout between your floor or shower tiles isn’t actually supposed to be black? Are you sick of scrubbing away at your tiles only to be left with the same frustrating result? For many of us the dirt and grime growing on our grout that refuses to...



I work in real estate and deal with many trades.. Working with Totally Sealed has been an absolute breeze. Very easy to deal with and they update you on all the work happening. On top of the good service, the work completed was top notch. Very impressed all round and will be only using Totally Sealed from here on. Thank you Glen & team.

Prompt service and good quality work at a reasonable price.

What else matters.

~Wayne Petschack

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Your local Gold Coast one stop shop for leaking shower / balcony repairs to full tiling requirements.

Phone: 0401 553 014

Email: glen@totallysealed.com.au

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Leaking shower Gold Coast

There’s nothing better than coming home from a hard day at work and taking a long, hot shower. It’s pretty easy to imagine...

Shower Grout

  There’s nothing worse than having an unsightly looking shower when you have a surprise visit from the in-laws or...

Leaking Balcony Gold Coast

With the aftermath of cyclone Debbie being revealed these last two weeks, you may come to find that your Gold Coast home...

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