Hearing the familiar sound of water leaking is never a good sign when it’s coming from your balcony decking or flooring. It means that your silicone work has failed, that you have yet another balcony leak to deal with and even worse that your balcony could soon be leaking water into your house. If you think we couldn’t possibly be in for more bad weather, you’re wrong. Weather Services are advising residents of the Gold Coast and Brisbane to keep their umbrellas out as we’re expected to experience a drop in temperatures and 80% more rainfall than usual.

When it’s that cold and wet out, the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your warm home and venture into the freezing cold to fix thatconstantly leaking balcony or failed terrace silicone work. It’s time you solved your balcony waterproofing problems for good by contacting an expert to do it, and we mean an expert that uses the best products to make sure your repairs are mega sealed in the process.

Unlike the inside of your home, your balcony is subject to constant elemental degradation from the wind, rain, and sun. It’s no surprise then that this area should need to have its under-deck waterproofing replaced or maintained regularly and it’s going to take more than conventional silicone shower sealing product to do it. You may even have waterproofed your balcony floor recently and found that despite what you were promised, the solution was only temporary. You need to act quickly if you have a mega leak you need a mega seal before your home is permanently damaged.

Your leak could be caused by a problem with your waterproof deck membrane, poorly waterproofed grout or the tiles themselves but a common cause for failure in your silicone work. A Gold Coast-based sealing expert should be able to identify which problem is present and recommend the correct course of action and best balcony/deck waterproofing product to use. Depending on the extent of the damage to your tiles and tile grouting (and whether or not the tiles are still attached to the underlying substrate), you might need to remove all your tiles and start from scratch but in most cases if you get to it soon enough a balcony/deck coating professionally applied over the existing tiles can suffice.

Many Gold Coast and Brisbane specialists that offer generic advice are quick to recommend a total overhaul of your leaking balcony because this will take more time and cost you more money. At Totally Sealed we work to find you the most cost effective solution. As our work and products come with a long lifespan and warranty, you won’t be out in the cold dealing with a leaking balcony anytime soon!