If you are walking under your upstairs balcony and see water dripping down, even on a sunny day, you may be the unfortunate victim of a leaking balcony.

Balcony leaks can be caused by from a number of reasons, including porous tiles and grout, cracked and loose tiles and building movement that, in turn, creates cracking in tile joints. However, the original problem ultimately comes from the unsatisfactory work of the tradesman who first installed the waterproofing in your balcony. To avoid further damage to your Brisbane home or commercial building, it is important to get your balcony repair job done through the experts at Totally Sealed.

Totally Sealed has a team of tradesman who are highly trained and experienced in waterproofing and repairs for Bathroom, Balconies or any other tiled area in your residential or commercial property. Totally Sealed prides itself on its impeccable reputation within its industry, and strives to always provide complete satisfaction for their clients with any of their waterproofing needs. When you choose Totally Sealed over other repair businesses, you are guaranteed the best quality service, with sealing treatments that are safe to use on most common tiles. These applicable surfaces include terrazzo, marble, travertine, sandstone, granite, slate, terracotta and limestone. As well as this, the Totally Sealed tradesman can repair your leaking balcony without removing any of your existing tiles and provide a 12-year warranty on every balcony repair performed.

If you are still hesitating to get your leaking balcony repaired, just think about all the extra damage that could be inflicted upon your home or commercial property if you leave it until the last minute. If left without repair, the water damage causing your balcony to leak can often spread to inside your property. This means decay and rot on both external and internal walls, discolouration on walls and ceilings, electrical issues and even a collapsing balcony.

So don’t let an easy-fix turn into one big headache. Avoid the unreliable tradies that caused your balcony to leak in the first place and call the professionals at Totally Sealed Brisbane for your balcony repairs.

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